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The Groth Model 2500A Pilot-Operated Emergency Pressure Relief Valve is designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the normal operating pressure relief valve on the tank. The valve protects the tank against rupture or explosion that could result from excessive internal pressures caused by an external fire, etc. Model 2500A is designed to be self-closing. As excessive pressure builds up, Model 2500A relieves, then reseats when overpressure has been dissipated.

Product Features

  • Documented compliance to EPA’s Method 21 testing (d other body materials available
  • Available in flange sizes 18″ – 24″ (consult factory for other sizes)
  • ANSI 150# and API 650 drilling
  • Full lift by 20% overpressure
  • Trim available in 316 SS or Hastelloy C
  • Standard FEP diaphragm
  • Pressure settings 5 InWC to 6 PSIG


Groth Corporation

A global leader in manufacturing pressure/vacuum relief valves, flame and detonation arresters, blanket gas regulators, and other low pressure relief products.


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