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The Groth Model 1660A Pilot-Operated Relief Valve with Pipe-Away feature is used on liquid storage tanks and other process vessels or systems to prevent structural damage due to excess internal pressure or vacuum. The pilot-operated relief valve has two principal advantages over standard types of relief valves: 1) it is bubble tight to set pressure, and 2) it is fully open at less than 10% above set pressure. These characteristics permit an operating pressure nearer to the maximum allowable working pressure of the tank. High operating pressures reduce evaporation and total venting volume, thereby reducing product loss and cost of processing emissions.

Product Features

  • Sizes 2″ through 12″
  • Full pipe bore seat nozzle
  • Standard pressure settings from 2.0 InWC to 15 PSIG
  • Temperature range from -323


Groth Corporation

A global leader in manufacturing pressure/vacuum relief valves, flame and detonation arresters, blanket gas regulators, and other low pressure relief products.


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